Dragon Armies






Wyrm Kings – ancients, only 10, and they are the only ones who remember anything about the Old Kingdoms because they’ve been alive for more than 2000 years.

Dragon Lords – the adult dragons. for each wyrm king has 2 – 4 dragon lords. each dragon lord has a corresponding humanoid genereal or dragonknight commander, in charge of their own armies. Each Dragon Lord commands their own Dragon Flight, which is a group of dragons.

Dragon Knight Commanders – humanoids who serve their Dragon Lord and commands their army. They have several dragon knights under them who in turn are in charge of a large company of men. also known as Dragon Generals.

Dragon Knights – leaders of a company of soldiers, usually numbering in the hundreds. They have several captains under them who are in charge of specific units.

Captains – lead specific units, numbering from 10 – 50, who specialize is certain things.

Soldiers – belong to units lead by a Captain, who belong to a company lead by a Dragon Knight, who are part of an army lead by a Dragon Lords, who are lead by the Wyrm King.

- immediately after arriving on the shores of the Old Kingdoms, the Dragon Armies were attacked by hordes of goblinoid creatures, orcs, giants, and undead, lead by Erinyes (Furies) Generals – known as SOme BAD ASS NAME – and splintered and separated the dragon armies from each other.

- The ancient silver dragon, Barnabus, lead a group of 8000 of her army to an abandoned settlement at the mouth of Dragonmaw Bay, deciding to make a final stand. Strangely, the hordes of monsters and devils did not attack. They waited. And watched. For days. For weeks. For even months. Never once attacking, even though they outnumbered the silver dragon’s army 10 – 1. During that time, Barnabus realized they weren’t attacking because they wanted the silver dragon army corralled. Since the devils need souls to get stronger, keeping the humanoids in a controlled area, with constant danger surrounding them, isolated and alone, becomes a buffet for them. Barnabus gathered her soldiers and told them to turn the abandoned settlement into a city-fortress knowing they would be unharmed by the devil’s forces. In one months time, the City of Veil was created. Barnabus knew this played into the hands of the devils but also knew that she needed to defend what was left of her army, which she became quite attached, and with not knowing where her silver dragon children are, has latched onto her soldiers quite tightly.

Anyway, the City of Veil is a Lair. There’s a cloud castle in the sky that is solid where Barnabus resides. There are a few other solid clouds that house towers and shit.

Dragon Armies

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