The Old Kingdoms

1. The Tenth Hell

Thousands of years in the past, the continent that is now known as The Old Kingdoms was a thriving and prosperous place. The Valrim Empire educated the world’s most powerful wizards. The gnomes of Gnascada built amazing steam-powered, mechanical machines. The military might of the Kingdom of Thrones were unrivaled. The dwarves of the Azurkan Empire carved marvelous and massive monuments atop their mountain ranges. The elves of Irylia brought peace, tranquility, and harmony to all of their forests. The humans, the gnomes, the dwarves, and the elves lived in relative peace for generations.

However, Azmodeus’ devils of the Nine Hells swarmed The Old Kingdoms and quickly decimated empire after empire, slaughtered millions, and devastated the landscape. Most of the survivors of the devil’s onslaught boarded thousands of ships and sailed across the Altric Ocean into uncharted territory, never to see their homelands again. For those that remained on the Old Kingdoms, two thousand years of slavery, destruction, destitution, and hopelessness was theirs.

The magical citadels of Valrim, the machines of Gnascada, the cities of the Thrones, the structures of Azurka, and the forests of Irylia were all twisted and perverted by the devils.
However, they did not completely obliterate the mortals of the Old Kingdoms. The devils needed mortal souls to help feed their forces.

So they made contracts with the creatures of the Old Kingdoms that had no empires: The illithids, the orcs, the minotaurs, the medusae, the beholders, the giants, the goblins, the liches, the vampires, the lycanthropes, the sauhaugins, the lizardfolk, and many other relatively intelligent groups of creatures. These creatures were to keep the mortals corralled in their respective cities to generate fear, abandonment, and hopelessness, making it easier for the mortals to bargain their souls for even a fraction of a better life.

It was like that for two thousand years. Monsters roaming the blasted lands of the Old Kingdoms, people trapped in their own cities, isolated from one another, devils manipulating people into signing away their souls. The Old Kingdoms soon gained the epithet “The Tenth Hell”.

2. Homecoming

Those that had fled two thousand years before, came back home, riding on the backs of dragons, wielding powerful magical items,

The Old Kingdoms

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